One/Two Year Olds 

Our goal for the one and two year olds is to create a balanced foundation that will help them to develop emotionally and socially. For most children, this will be their first experience being in a school setting. Our teachers will love on them, helping them to feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings.

Three Year Olds 

One of the primary goals of Gateway Preschool and Technology Center is to foster healthy social and emotional development in young children. Preschool children need proper guidance in developing the ability to negotiate situations that occur, to take turns, to lead and follow, and to be a friend.  They also need to learn how to manage their feelings in a socially acceptable manner.  Social and emotional development, language and literacy, cognitive math, science and social studies, creative development along with health and physical development are areas of focus in our preschool. Technology will be incorporated into the curriculum, but will not replace the highly valued early childhood activities such as dramatic play, blocks, art, etc!

Pre –K (Four Year Olds) 

Four year olds are gaining a greater understanding of the people and places around them. They are learning to form friendships with peers, practicing social skills, and beginning to inquire about the world around them. Gateway Preschool and Technology Center’s main goal is to provide an invigorating educational experience, enhanced with technology, which promotes each child’s social, emotional and cognitive development that will prepare them for kindergarten. We follow the guidelines set forth by the Louisiana State Department of Education. For more information on the guidelines for prekindergarten, visit the Department of Child and Family Services website.

Transitional Kindergarten 

T-K is a full day program structured around current early childhood research. Lessons are student centered and developmentally appropriate. Areas of concentration include language acquisition and social development along with spiritual growth. Daily lessons are composed of reading, writing, math, science and social studies, as well as center activities to foster discovery through play. Technology will be incorporated into the curriculum that will expand and enrich the lessons and the overall education. Our curriculum is aligned with Louisiana’s Common Core Standards. For more information on the guidelines visit the Louisiana State Department of Education.